Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT: An alcohol-free and drug-free event held after prom. It is a FREE event for seniors and their dates. Post Prom is a unique event filled with carnival type activities, entertainment, prizes and lots of great food! Seniors do not have to attend prom to attend Post Prom.
WHERE: Post Prom is held in the Whitman gym.
WHEN: May 9, 2020 from 12:30am to 4:00am, immediately following prom on May 8 (which is held at the Bethesda North Marriott). Students must arrive at Whitman no later than 1:30am to enter Post Prom.
GOAL: Every parent involved strives to make this an entertaining and memorable evening, yet the sole purpose of Post Prom is to make sure our seniors and their dates arrive home safely on prom night!

Post Prom Frequently Asked Questions 2020

How do kids arrange transportation for prom, Post Prom and getting home after Post Prom?

Typically, many students rent limos in large groups. Traditionally, the limo picks up the group at a designated house and drives them to dinner. The limo waits for them, and then takes them to the prom. After the prom, the limo takes them to a designated house to change clothes and then to Post Prom. The limo driver departs after dropping the student off at Post Prom.

Earlier in the day, many students will drop off their cars at Whitman or they arrange to be picked up after Post Prom. This ensures that they have a way home when they are ready to leave.

What do kids wear to Post Prom?

Kids come to Post Prom in casual, comfortable clothes (shorts and tees) and shoes.

PLEASE NOTE: wearing glasses is not allowed on some of the inflatables for safety reasons. Students may want to bring/wear contacts or find a safe place to keep their glasses.

After prom is over, kids often go to a designated house to change, and then arrive at Whitman at 12:30am. Some kids even change in their cars and leave clothes there. There is no place to change or store prom clothes at the school. Once students arrive at Post Prom (no later than 1:30am), they are not allowed to go outside the building for any reason unless escorted by a parent volunteer.

What extra items do kids need for Post Prom?

Nothing. Kids just need to bring themselves, their dates, and a desire to have fun! Water bottles, backpacks, purses, etc. ARE NOT allowed inside this event.

My senior does not want me to be at Post Prom. But I want to volunteer!

Explain to your senior that Post Prom requires over 100 parent volunteers! There are so many people that your senior may only see a glimpse of you, if at all. Still a problem? Why not volunteer to help decorate the day of or clean up after the event.

My senior wants to host a separate party. What do I do?

Host a breakfast after Post Prom. The kids can go to your house after Post Prom, eat, talk and sleep the rest of the day away!

If my senior needs to take a date home early or pick up a friend, can they return to Post Prom?

NO. Once a student leaves Post Prom, he or she MAY NOT return. This policy is absolutely necessary to keep all of our kids safe. If your senior would like to stay at Post Prom longer than his or her date, it is better to prearrange a ride home for the date.

If the kids get tired, do they have to stay until 4:00am?

No. It’s a long night for everyone. They are free to leave before 4:00am, but if they do, they could miss out on the many prizes that will be raffled throughout the evening, including the best prizes that are raffled off close to 4:00am.


Contact one of the Post Prom Co-Chairs

Easy Ways to Support Post Prom

  • DONATE $$ – go to or mail a check (preferable) payable to WWHS PTSA (memo line: Post Prom 2020) and mail to: Heidi Brodsky 6740 Newbold Drive Bethesda, Maryland 20817
  • DONATE RAFFLE ITEMS – contact Lauren Lieberman at or 301-379-6202
  • DONATE FOOD – contact Carolann O’Hara at or 301-613-4572 or go to Sign Up Genius
  • GIVE YOUR TIME – to volunteer go to SignUpGenius to sign up or contact Reshma Rathod or 240-893-6509
  • SPONSOR – corporate sponsors may contact Erin Harriman at or 215-385-4947
  • DINE OUT – Dine out at Nando’s in Bethesda on Feb. 27 – proceeds benefit Post Prom