Casino Rules

All seniors and guests will obtain a casino voucher at the sign-in tables to redeem for gaming chips in the casino.

You can redeem your casino voucher for chips at any table.

  • If you leave a table you must turn your chips in for a voucher.  Chips are not to leave a table or the Casino.
  • The rules for each game are available at the cashiers’ table inside the casino.
  • If you run out of money, you can borrow money from the cashier ONCE.  Borrowed money will be deducted from total winnings at the end of the night.
  • Money/chips CANNOT be given to another student or pooled for the prizes.  Players who pool their money or give their money to another student will be disqualified.
  • Players may leave the casino and return later.  However, you MUST turn in your chips for a voucher before you leave the Casino.  The voucher can be turned back into chips if you play later. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced.
  • The casino betting will close at 3:30 a.m. (hand in your voucher) and winners will be announced with the raffle winners at 3:45 a.m.
  • The top winners will receive prizes.  Prizes will be distributed based on your total amount of winnings.
  • You MUST be present to win.  You may NOT give your money to other players.
  • Please turn in all chips to the cashiers and do not take them out of the casino.