Frequently Asked Questions

Post Prom: what, where, when and why

When the Whitman senior prom ends, Post Prom begins at Whitman High School.  Post Prom is a FREE event held at the school and filled with lots of activities, entertainment and food.  Only WWHS seniors and their guests may attend, but seniors do not have to attend the prom to be welcomed at Post Prom.   We provide a safe, alcohol- and drug-free event for the students, which helps them avoid the temptation and consequences of underage drinking at this high-risk time.

How do kids get from prom to Post Prom?

After prom is over, kids go home to change into casual clothes, then they come to Whitman.  There is no place to change or store prom clothes at the school.  Once students arrive at Post Prom, they are not allowed to go outside the building for any reason unless escorted by a parent volunteer.

My senior does not want me to be at Post Prom, but I want to volunteer

Explain to your senior that Post Prom depends on the volunteer efforts of Whitman parents. With so much to do there, Post Prom requires many volunteers.  There are so many people that your senior may only catch a glimpse of you, if at all.  Still a problem?  Why not volunteer to help decorate or clean up?

How do students coordinate transportation?

Many students rent limos in large groups.  It’s fun, cuts down on costs and it’s safer than driving.  Traditionally, the limo picks up the group at a designated house after prom pictures are taken and transports them to dinner. The limo waits for them, and then takes them to the prom.  After the prom, the limo takes them to the designated house to change and then on to Post Prom. The limo driver departs after dropping the students off at Post Prom.

Earlier in the day, students drop off cars at Whitman or they arrange to be picked up after Post Prom.  This ensures that they have a way  home when they are ready to leave.

My senior wants to host a separate party.  What do I do?

Have a breakfast after Post Prom.  The kids can go to your house after Post Prom, eat, talk and sleep the rest of Saturday away!

What if my senior needs to take a date home early or pick up a friend, can he or she return to Post Prom?

NO.  Once a student leaves the Post Prom, he or she MAY NOT return.  This policy, although harsh, is absolutely necessary to keep all of our kids safe.  If your senior would like to stay at Post Prom longer than his or her date, it is better to prearrange a ride home for the date.

If the kids get tired, do they have to stay until the end?

No.  It’s a long night for everyone, and we recognize that it has been an exhausting week for the kids!  Our goal is to provide a safe and entertaining environment after the prom that does not involve alcohol or hotel rooms.  They are free to leave before 4:30 a.m., but they will miss out on much of the fun and the many prizes that will be raffled throughout the event, including the best prizes that are raffled at the end.

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